Brunswick. Beethoven and his immortal love
Brunswick. Beethoven and his immortal love

... the secrets of forbidden ties ...

Between the historic town of Szekesfehervar and Budapest stands the 18th century mansion. Established by the aristocratic Brunswick family after Turkish occupation, the Martonvasar mansion and park house offers several museums. This was the site of frequent visits by Beethoven. Theresa Brunswick was the greatest love and the friend of a famous composer.

The Castle was built in the Neo=Gothic architecture style and contains 2 floors.  Facades were made in the English style. The romantic atmosphere of the Beethoven's times is conveyed through huge arched windows, high towers and buttresses. The castle is surrounded with one of the most beautiful English landscape parks, created by designer Heinrich Nebienom by the order of Francis Brunswick. The territory is about 70 hectares and has more than 300 rare species of trees. Since 1953 the territory has been declared a national nature reserve.

The Research Institute of Agriculture of the Academy of Sciences of Hungary is now located on the Park territory.  The Memorial Museum of Beethoven is on the ground floor of the Brunswick Castle. Here you can see the exhibits telling about the friendship of the immortal composer with the Brunswick family and all that connected it with Hungary. The demonstration hall often hosts concerts of the music of the great composer.

Duration: 5-6 hours

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