Coffee in Budapest
Coffee in Budapest

... the secret of the "Black Soup" ...

Good coffee is an excellent companion, a source of energy, a way to keep warm, and also it's a specialty of the country. Hungary is a coffee country and good coffee is not uncommon here. The connection of Hungarians and an invigorating drink has deep roots. Once it was called "black soup" and was once associated with "bourgeois habit".

The very first coffee house was founded in Buda, on the Royal Hill. Pesht coffee houses appeared later, but also deserve attention. Coffee houses for Hungarians quickly became something special - in Pesht there is a museum of coffee houses and restaurants, because even a revolution was connected with them in a way! The historians of the museum restored the interiors of the famous coffee houses so you can admire them as they were at the time.

During the daytour you will learn about the role of coffee in the history of the city, about the Hungarian drink preparation patterns, the most interesting coffee houses in the city and why the Hungarians initially were not interested in drinking coffee. You will also, visit the famous old coffee shop "Central'", restored, by the employees of the museum.

Duration: 3 hours

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