Eger: secrets of the valley of beautiful women
Eger: secrets of the valley of beautiful women

Eger is a city in the north of Hungary, located at the southern slopes of the Bukk and Matra mountain ranges. Eger is sometimes called the "pearl" of the Hungarian Baroque. You can stroll through the narrow romantic streets and get lost in the walls of the mighty Eger Castle that withstood in the XVI century an attack and a siege of more than a hundred thousand Turkish army. Turkish influence left a significant mark on architecture, cuisine and history of the city.

Next, you will visit the famous wine cellar, which walls are completely covered with vines. Here you can taste the most tart and aromatic wines of the region and taste local cheeses in the company of local cheese maker Tomáš.

Eger also produces the most famous red wine in Hungary. The most well-known wine of the region is the blended wine Bull’s Blood, which has a unique rich and vivid taste. In the museum devoted to this drink you can become a real winemaker, mixing your own version of this wine.

Evening option: dinner at the local bistro right next to the walls of the Eger Castle.

Duration: 7 hours or 9 hours with dinner

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