Danube Bend
Danube Bend

... the mysteries of the Danube bend ...

Danube is the second largest river in Europe. A few miles before reaching Budapest, the Danube changes its direction several times, curving along the narrow valley of the Carpathian Basin. It is the area that is known as the Danube bend. A string of small towns along the bend offers its guests an amazing combination of history, culture and architecture; especially significant are the cities of Szentendre, Vysehrad and Esztergom.

The town of Esztergom is the centre of the Catholic Church of Hungary. The former capital, where we will visit the Basilica. Esztergom is considered the cradle of Hungarian statehood. Its value in the history of the country can not be ignored. In its landscapes and scenery You will see sometimes complex, but long and glorious history of Hungary.

The city of Vyšehrad is another former capital, later the summer residence of Hungarian kings. You will see the museum exposition of the fortress of the XIII-XV centuries, a panorama of the Danube bend. It was here that an agreement was signed between the Presidents of Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary on cooperation and alliance. The union of these four states was called the "Visegrad Four".

The city of Szentendre is a city of artists and museums. It is the centre of Orthodoxy in Hungary. During the tour you will visit the museum of marzipan, walk through the historical centre and the street of souvenir shops.

Duration: 9 hours

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