Budapest Zoo
Budapest Zoo

... the secrets of the wild-life in Budapest ...

During this tour, we will go to the Budapest Zoo, which is the oldest in Europe and has been giving incredible emotions to young visitors for more than 150 years. During a fascinating walk, you can admire many kinds of wild and domestic animals, see exotic plants, and visit the aquarium. Dangerous predators such as a lion, a tiger and a leopard will be separated from you only by a thin transparent glasses, so you will even be able to rub your noses with shard-teethed- cats in the Budapest zoo (they just love doing it). And, of course, you will get to the most interesting tropical corner, where birds are the size of a chicken and furry bats fly just above tourists' heads! All these unforgettable experiences will win the hearts of both adults and even the youngest visitors.

Duration: 3 hours



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