Tokaj: the king of wine and the wine of kings
Tokaj: the king of wine and the wine of kings

Wine lovers will appreciate the trip to one of most colorful wine region of Hungary - Tokaj. Tokaj will lure you with magical aromas of local wines and fine Hungarian cuisine. Here, a few km from the city, the most astringent and fragrant Hungarian wine is produced. 

Tokaj is the King of the white wine. Wine has been made here for 2000 years. A special microclimate, volcanic soil in combination with the sun and moderate rains create the necessary conditions for growing grapes from which later wines with incomparable taste and fragrance are obtained. You will take a trip to one of the biggest and most famous vineries in Hungary, taste local white and red wines and learn about wine-making traditions that have been carefully preserved here and passed through generations.

White or Red, dry or semisweet, and whether there is truth in wine... Learn all the secrets and mysteries of the fragrant Hungarian drink.

Duration: 10 hours

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